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Little Pratap

Being the second child to his parents, they were extremely thrilled at the time of his birth. It was a matter of time before they discovered that he was born with unilateral right clubfoot. The family members blamed the mother for the child’s predicament. Nevertheless, the resolute mother decided not to give up and began searching for avenues to treat her child. One fine day a group of parents whose child was born with clubfoot as well recommended that she take her kid to the MRMC Basaveshwar hospital. The counsellors at the clinic got to work and comforted the parents that the child would be completely cured. They began to bring the child every week for serial casts and soon the child feet was corrected. Today Pratap is 8 months old and he is on braces. The parents are thrilled as their child did not re quire surgery and now they visit the hospital periodically for a follow up. They are extremely grateful to the CURE Clinic and the Basaveshwar Hospital Doctors.

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