Clubfoot is a birth deformity cause by the abnormal development of a baby's bones, ligaments

and muscles while in the womb. The affected foot looks like it has been rotated internally at the

ankle. I am sure many a times we must have encountered people walking on their ankles or on

the sides of their feet, that is called Clubfoot but due to lack of knowledge we think it to be


Let us be clear that Polio is caused after birth whereas, Clubfoot before birth in the mother's

womb. Secondly, Polio has no cure but Clubfoot has.

At CURE International India children affected with clubfoot are provided free treatment at all the

CURE Clubfoot Clinics set up at most of the Government Hospitals in 26 states of India. We are

The aim is to eradicate Clubfoot from the country.

Come, help us spread the word that CLUBFOOT can be cured.

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