The Foot Abduction Brace (FAB) Production Centre was started in the year 2013 at Delhi with

merely 4 artisans. This is the place where the braces are made and are exported to all other

state clubfoot clinics. Preparing these braces requires great effort and labour and time as well.

Presently, there are 30 artisans employed in the centre with the produce rate increasing to 2,500

FAB per month in the current year. The production centre is managed under the leadership of Ms

Geeta Sebastian. The centre also employs people who are differently abled and currently there

are 5 such employees associated with the production centre.

“A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase”

It is a matter of joy and celebration when a baby is born in a family. The joy knows no bound

when the babies grow and learn to walk and take their first baby step. But the same joy turns

challenging for parents whose children are born with clubfoot. Though it is matter of great

concern for the parents, but through right treatment at the right time, these challenges can be


Through rigorous efforts and initiatives taken by CURE India, thousands of clubfoot affected

children are enrolled in clubfoot program for free treatment across all the states. CURE is the

hope for hopeless parents. Come join hands with CURE India for the cause of eradication of

clubfoot from the country and bring happiness in the families.

Your small contribution can serve a big purpose.

Let us make India clubfoot free India!

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