Muskaan was born to Mr. and Mrs. Javed, who reside in Bhatta Sasti, shastri Nagar, Jaipur. Rajasthan. The parents were in great tremor to see their child born with bilateral clubfoot. They had never seen nor heard about clubfoot. Running from pillar to post in search of good treatment for their child, they landed up to Sawai Man Singh Hospital (SMS), Jaipur where they met CURE Clubfoot counsellor who told them about clubfoot deformity, its treatment procedure and that clubfoot can be treated. Doctors trained in Ponseti method started her treatment with weekly casting and her feet are completely corrected. She is now in the maintenance phase and is wearing foot abduction brace since two years. Muskaan is always with a muskaan (Smile) on her face and she is one of the favourite patients of the doctors and win the heart of everyone around her with her charm. The parents and especially the grandparents are all with praise and gratitude for the doctors and especially the CURE counsellors.

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