Remya a young pregnant lady came to the counsellor of Karnataka on the 3rd month of her pregnancy discouraged and distress as her baby was diagnosed with bilateral clubfoot through ultrasound. She was hopeless and couldn’t think of any way out. The counsellor counselled Remya for an hour consoling her and making her understand that clubfoot has a cure and that she should give birth to her child. She was convinced.
On her 7th month pregnancy she again came to the counsellor disheartened as she was pressurised and questioned by her relatives and in-laws on her decision to give birth to the clubfoot deformed child. This time there was a counselling session for both Remya and her husband Justin. They both understood well about clubfoot and its treatment.
In the month of November, 2016 Remya gave birth to a baby boy at KMC Hospital Attavar, Mangalore. Since Remya knew about the treatment of Clubfoot, she began her son’s treatment from the second day of his birth. It’s been only three months now and the baby’s feet is corrected. Though his treatment is still going on but the improvement is seen. Remya, Justin, their family members and relatives are relieved and satisfied with the treatment. They are grateful to CURE Karnataka for all the support, confidence and courage she could get to give birth to her child with clubfoot deformity which definitely has a CURE.

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