Majid Khan a baby boy who is now 21 months old. He was born with bilateral clubfoot. The parents of Majid were in utter shock to see their child with deformed feet. Though the health personnel explained them about the treatment and complete cure from the deformity but Mr. and Mrs. Khan were skeptical of the methods used for the treatment. Putting all their efforts in giving Majid the best of treatment, Mr Khan approached the private hospital for his son’s treatment. The treatment continued for couple of months but there was no change in Majid’s feet. One fine day workers of the department of Women and Child Welfare visited their home and advised them to visit the RBSK department of NHM. On doing so, they came across the CURE Counsellor who counseled them about the entire treatment procedure and assuring them that Majid will be alright. Soon the treatment of Majid began in CURE clinic. After weekly casting the change in the feet of Majid was seen. The parents elated and confident that their child will be alright and he will live a normal life. Majid’s feet is corrected and now he is on brace. Counsellors can see the happiness of the parents and the priceless smile on their face, the smile of relief, the smile of satisfaction, the smile of thanksgiving.


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