Sanamtheerth was the second son of Lekha and Sunil Kumar. Sunil stays abroad for his work and Lekha lives with her two children in Kerala. In her early 9 month of pregnancy Lekha was admitted to District hospital Kannur due to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). After getting treated from UTI, she was about to get discharge when her labour pain occurred. She was rushed to labour room and on the same day she gave birth to a baby boy whom they named Sanamtheerth. He was kept in ICU for one week. Unfortunately Sanatheerth was born with unilateral clubfoot deformity on his left foot. Lekha was upset and surprised seeing the child’s leg because during the ultra sound scan it didn’t come out. Lekha was strong enough and never showed her anxiety to the family members. Her gynecologist understood her agony and comforted her and referred her to CURE clubfoot clinic, Kannur.
Soon Sanatheerth was enrolled in the clinic for his treatment and he was given 8 casts and tenotomy. His foot is corrected and now he is on brace. The parents and relatives are much grateful to CURE team for all the help and support extended to them. The difference on son’s foot is seen which brings joy to the mother.

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