Anand Ram works as a daily wage earner in a small village called Kujeli which is a part of the district of Almora, Uttarakhand and is high up in the mountains. He and his family are confined to their little village because of the distance and altitude and have very little access to the outside world. Their son Rahul was born with clubfoot and there was no one who could tell Anand Ram about his son’s deformity and its treatment.

All they could find for Rahul was the services of the village healer. Eight years went by doing what they were told but there was no improvement and Rahul started walking and running on his deformed foot further worsening the condition.

One day the RBSK team came to setup a health camp in the village and they screened Rahul for clubfoot and referred him to the nearest district hospital in Almora. The same month had the CURE Clubfoot program started in Uttarakhand and Rahul found his path to healing. The District Program Coordinator Sarah Joseph took over the responsibility of ensuring that Rahul gets the best treatment possible. Since it was a case of untreated clubfoot, she referred him to Dehradun District hospital and Rahul got his 1st three casts and the foot was corrected. “The casting takes only a few hours but it takes us 3 days to get back to our village. Dehradun is far, but I know this is the best for my son. I will not give up on him”, says the hopeful father.

Meantime, Rahul also kept visiting the CURE clinic in Almora while taking his treatment in Dehradun and Sarah kept counseling and motivating the father to keep going with the hardships of travelling for treatment and not lose hope. Dr. Mehta at the Almora CURE clinic saw the improvement in Rahul’s foot one day and decided to take over the case and continue his treatment there itself. The family was relieved to hear that now they would not have to travel long distance for his treatment. Although Anand Ram knew that with the plaster applied on Rahul’s foot, he would still have to carry him on his back for 6 kms, but he was grateful for this moment. “The Government has provided free transportation service to us, but our village is so high up in the mountains that a few kms have to be covered on foot before we board the cab. I am happy to carry my son as far as I can, because I know the doctors and staffs are working so hard for his treatment.”

At present Rahul is with braces. He is using the Miraclefeet Brace and is quite happy and comfortable. According to Sarah, “Rahul has gotten cheerful and talkative now. His follow up appointments are more fun these days. Now all he talks about is the time when he will wear shoes and rejoin his school. He misses his friends and is so excited to see them again. I am so happy to see him like this. I think this is what you call the miracle of healing.”

Rahul’s family is extremely thankful to CURE, Miraclefeet and the Government of Uttarakhand for the enormous help and support.

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