Alok is the second son of Rabi Narayan and Susama. In 2014 his parents were  excited to welcome him into their family  but seeing his with deformed foot they were shattered. He was born with unilateral (right) clubfeet.  For a year Alok was left untreated until someone from Sishu Bhavan referred them to the CURE Clubfoot Clinic  in S.B.C. Medical College Cuttack for further treatment.

Alok received  six  casts and a  tenotomy. Today his foot is completely corrected and he is now on the maintenance phase wearing a FAB since 2014. Alok is now  walking, running,  and jumping all around like any normal child . His parents are among the happiest to witness this transformation in their  son’s life. Rabi says: “CURE is like a lighthouse to our family, guiding and directing us through our dark days”.

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