When Pratik was brought to the Ranchi CURE clubfoot clinic at the District Hospital for the first time, he was just a day old. He was brought by his mother and grandmother who were very anxious and ignorant about the deformity. They were quite inquisitive on whether Pratik would be able to walk or not when he grew up. The counsellor at the clinic patiently answered all the queries of the mother and grandmother and ensured complete cure from the pending treatment. Soon Pratik’s treatment began and after 6 serial casts and a tenotomy, his feet were corrected in  3 months.  Pratik is now in the maintenance phase of his treatment and wears a foot abduction brace. His mother is amazed to see this rapid transformation in her son. Every time she visits the clinic she never ceases to thank the doctors and the counsellor for the love and care they have shown to her son. Since Pratik started his treatment from the second day of his birth, he is recovering fast.

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