Pooja was a blessing born to her parents Ramesh and Mahesweta in November, 2015. The parents were happy to have her but unfortunately the child was born with a unilaternal clubfoot (right leg). Ramesh further was  humiliated by society due to his short stature. From the time the mother conceived, she was discouraged and demotivated by the neighbours and relatives that the child would also turn out like her husband but she quietly bore the disgrace.

After the rituals of 21 days  they had brought the child to Shrirama Chandra Bhanj Medical College, Cuttack and got enrolled in the CURE programme. Pooja went through 6 casts and a tenotomy. Now she is on braces and because of other health conditions her growth is slow. However, she is a normal child and is improving fast. Her father said I want my daughter to be strong like me and face every challenge in life.

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