A family from the Phek District of Nagaland delivered  their 5th child with a Clubfoot deformity. With immense  social stigma involved in any form of deformity the parents were ashamed and scared. They were helpless. However, in the hospital  a doctor referred to the state capital where we have an established CURE clinic for further treatment.

With much apprehension  (whether the kid would  be normal like any other kid) and fear (what if something goes wrong in the middle of the treatment) they came to the CURE clinic on 17th January 2017. He  started his 1st cast. Like any other parents who come to us with so many queries, doubt, fear and anxiety, even baby Nehuvo’s parents too had a lot of questions and fear.  With intense and proper counseling regarding the treatment protocol and  long term follow and by showing the photos of children already treating in our program they were so excited to be part of the program. They were very happy to know and see such help and care we provide to such cases all free of cost.

Born on the 21st of December 2016 belonging to the Chakesang tribe  from Phek district, baby Nehuvo underwent 5 casts including a tenotomy . He then started wearing special shoes from the 14th of March 2017. Today his feet are corrected and he has become a very happy child. The parents are overwhelmed with joy to see their child with normal  feet like any other playful  child, and  keep on sharing how thankful they are to all the committed doctors, care takers and the counselor for going the extra mile   in their journey with us.

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