Tamjeed was born on the 30th of December, 2015.   Since Tamjeed was the second child to his  parents his birth was looked forward with much anticipation. His father Tariq Ahmed celebrated his son’s advent by distributing sweets in the hospital. Soon his joy turned into thin air  when he discovered that his son was born with clubfoot. The couple could not hold back their  tears seeing their child lie in bed with a pair of twisted feet. . They feared that their child would be deemed  a curse rather than someone whom they hoped would take the family lineage forward.

Observing their predicament  a nurse approached the couple  and counselled them that clubfoot was totally curable. She advised Tariq to approach the clubfoot unit set up by Cure International India at the district hospital at Anantnag. “Will my son be able to walk properly and will his feet be alright?” Tariq kept  asking intermittently.

The CURE DPC at Anantnag advised the father  and asked him to bring the infant to the orthopaedic department for casts. The first cast was provided on Feb. 19th , 2016. Both husband and wife would   bring their child to the centre regularly till six casts were provided. And thereafter a tenotomy was performed.

Soon Tamjeed Tariq showed signs of improvement. The couple were  relieved to see their son on the road to recovery. .A home visit to the Wani family was  done by a CURE Counsellor to check if the family was  correctly applying the brace. Today Tamjeed has started walking and wears a brace only during the night hours. This certainly  is a miracle for the Wani family which have transformed their lives.

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