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Vanshika was born of unilateral clubfoot and at the age of 9 still not treated. She hails from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In the apartment where Vanshika lived there was another clubfoot child named Hardik who was her close door neighbor. Hardik had been treated by CURE India and now he was completely healed of clubfoot. Vanshika was very anxious to see Hardik and asked her parents to get her treated as well. Vanshika questioned her parents if Hardik could be healed why can’t she?  She held a firm determination to get rid of her deformity. Vanshika’s parents then went to Hardik father to ask about the treatment and together they went to MDM hospital to visit CURE Clinic.

Mrs Ranjana Dickenson Sonu, DPC CURE India Jodhpur counselled Vanshika’s parents and requested the HOD to treat Vanshika using Ponseti method. This procedure was going to be painful for Vanshika as she was treated of late. But she hold her determination and prayed daily to make sure that she was healed of Clubfoot. She had been a brave and strong hearten since her treatment started. Her parents and our counselors also supported her both morally and physically. Finally after 10 casts and a tenatomy done Vishaka is healing and will be able to walk normally very soon. Vanshika is the most happiest girl now and her parents too feel blessed immensely. The whole family expressed their gratitude towards CURE India team and all the people involved in Vishaka’s treatment.

This was the first case in Jodhpur clinic where a grown up child was treated successfully without the use of major surgical method. All the doctors and hospital staffs were happy to see the progress in Vanshika’s treatment.

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