How a visit to the clubfoot children brought a family together. Jigyanshu was born in September 2016. With his birth the parents believed disaster struck them as he was born with clubfoot. They began assigning blame to one another considering the child’s condition. His father believed this to be a severe social stigma and fearing shame entertained the idea of giving up his child to an orphanage. The parents even contemplated divorce. A few months later the mother visited the SVNIRTAR hospital where our clubfoot clinic is operational. After an examination of the child the Doctor sent the mother to Rashmi who is the District Program Coordinator. After listening to the helpless mother Rashmi counselled her about the procedure and reassured her of the child’s ability to walk normally with treatment. After 4 plasters the mother saw that Jigyanshu’s legs were slowly setting into normalcy. Rashmi sent the pictures to the father and he was pleasantly surprised to see the change, since he would not accompany his wife to the hospital for treatment. Today the family is living happily together. Jigyanshu is on braces now; his treatment is on and both parents are taking an active interest in the child’s betterment.

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