The program for the training of Odisha team started from 28th august-2nd Sep 2017 in which the team was given advance learning for the treatment and knowledge about clubfoot. Three things which they learned importantly for the profession implies Professional competencies, Socially relevant and Spiritually vibrant. The staff was also given input on Clubfoot, Program Management, Ponseti Method and Report writing. They were taught the Core Values such as Godlike, Childlike. Integrity, Restoring Broken and Intentional relationship. As Mr. Neeraj showed the updates of July ICR report of Odisha team. It was good eye openings for all of them as it helped them to update themselves as a team in ICR. A good practical learning session on counsellor’s dairy, clinic register was also conducted. In this session they could see the way their counsellors are maintaining their dairy and the way they need to maintain as per the standard .It was interesting and new things were taught to staffs about fund raising. They were encouraged by the beautiful example shared by Santosh sir. It is important part of the organization to raise the fund from local resources. Its always good to learn something from by doing practical things. So they went for clinic visit to different clinics in Delhi. Deyermination was on the rise to imply in their state. They had a fruitful time in home visit. The whole team was overwhelmed with the meeting of parents and children.

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