Leadership lessons from the leaders themselves

Leadership is about change, hope, and the future. Leaders have to venture into unchartered
territory, so they must be able to handle intellectual solitude and ambiguity. Humility in
success and courage in failure are hallmarks of a good leader – CK Prahalad, The Responsible

US leadership with the National team


We all know how important is the right kind of leadership to an organization. Leaders inspire
action and pave the path for their teams towards growth and success, and there is nothing more
inspiring to learn these lessons from the leaders themselves. It was a great privilege to CURE
India to welcome Roger Spoelman, CEO, and President of CURE International, Brian Van Hall,
COO, CURE International and Scott Reichenbach, Operations Director, CURE Clubfoot, CURE
International. The team spent two days at the CURE national office in Delhi with the state leaders
and shared their experiences and knowledge of how to be the “BEYOND YOU” leader. From hiring
competent people to building a cohesive leadership team, many leadership topics were discussed.
Roger Spoelman made the session interesting by introducing the famous concept of the ‘Golden
Circle’ which made the leaders ponder the ‘why’ in their everyday roles and responsibilities. He
emphasized the importance of creating clarity, over communicating clarity and reinforcing clarity
amongst the team and its leaders. Something we all are inspired to put in action.

US leadership with the Brace Production team


Brian Van Hall shared his experiences while he was serving in the army and how he became a
leader in CURE. He highlighted the role of a leader from a Christian perspective and how we
are supposed to lead like Jesus and encourage one another. He emphasized the significance of
balancing the leadership in, Strategy and operations, Standardisation and innovation, Quantity
and quality, Effectiveness and efficiency, Relationship and tasks.
The need for building high-performance teams with result oriented individuals was the focus of
this two-day training and we are ever so thankful to our leaders for imparting their knowledge
and expertise.

Brace Production Center

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