Hi, I am Sangeeta Sharma. I am 19 year old. I was born with Clubfoot in a poor farmer’s family from small village in Bihar, India. My parents have 5 children. I am third child of my parents. I am the only one who was born with Clubfoot. Family were discouraged when they heard from community that twisted feet is God’s curse on them.

As days goes I started walking with twisted feet (Unilateral Left). Couldn’t complete my study after 8th as I was discouraged to see others playing, walking, running normally. I started separating myself from everything and use to stay at home.

I lose my hopes to walk normal and live a good life. I accepted that this is my fate and I have to live as a disable in my whole life. I grew up with this value and never thought that one day I will walk normally like others.
When I as 17 year old my brother who stays in Mumbai for work came to know from one of his friend that there is CURE clinic in Wadia Hospital, Mumbai where Clubfoot Treatment is available. My brother was so excited to know this and immediately he called me from Bihar to visit the CURE Clubfoot clinic in B. J. Wadia Hospital for
I saw many of small children running and playing in clinic. I was shocked to know that these children were born with clubfoot and now they are getting treatment and living a joyful life. I was excited to know this that my feet can be normal after treatment. Doctors and CURE Counsellors guided and started my treatment. After 17 cast and few additional procedures my feet was completely corrected. I was on seventh cloud to see the result. I never thought that I will walk normally but after the treatment I am now able to walk normally.

Recently I got married in Bihar and living my life happily. Few days ago I even couldn’t think of walking normally but after the treatment I am dreaming my family life with husband. Clubfoot treatment completely changed my life and perception towards it.

I couldn’t stop thanking Doctors and Counsellors at CURE Clubfoot Clinic in Wadia hospital, Mumbai for heeling my feet and changing my life.

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