Little Siddu was born with Unilateral (left) clubfoot. Being the only child of his parents he was treated in a private clinic where they had to shell out around 2000 Rs for his treatment. Seeing the dismal condition of treatment of other children at the clinic with the same predicament, they decided to stop treatment at the private facility. Soon however, they visited the visit District Government. Health Hospital where they were referred to MRMC.

After visiting the clinic parents were discouraged. We counseled the parents and showed them the progress of other clubfoot children in the clinic and some who have undergone correction. Other parents reached out to them and now they come regularly for treatment at the clinic. Today Siddu is 4 years old and sports the Cure braces. In fact his foot is almost corrected. The parents are elated and extremely grateful to Cure for the difference they have made to the life of their child.

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