Child Name – Thakor babo Pradhanji
Clinic – Dharpur, Patan.
Village – Kaleda, Siddhpur, Patan Dist.
D. O. B :-3-10-18 ,
Treatment – 3 cc done
Present Status – Drop out
Family Status – 2 boys in family, living in joint family. Very poor condition, Parents doing labour work in hotel.
Parents not agree for Tenotomy so Dpc Harshida done Home Visit today & convinced parents for further treatment, now they agreed.

Treating Clubfoot is simple, however due to some external factors like community, illiteracy and various belief patterns, it sometimes gets difficult to convince parents to follow the entire treatment procedure. Such families immediately become our priorities, and we love to bring them closer to healing with effective counselling and education, and that’s exactly what we did in this situation.
This story is about baby Thakor, who was brought into our CURE international india trust clinic in district Patan in the state of Gujarat. His parents work as labourers and had no education about Clubfoot or its treatment, but we were glad about the fact that they somehow found out about our clinic and brought the baby for treatment right after he was born. With just three plaster casts, the foot was ready for ‘tenotomy’ which involves cutting the tendon above the heel cord. It’s a small procedure which ensures the foot is no longer rigid. Sounds simple to us, but to the parents it sounded like a huge deal and they feared something might happen to their baby. As a result they dropped out of the treatment and never came back.
Our CURE international india trust counselor was determined to bring the baby back and ensure his future was not affected by ignorance. She went to visit the family at their home and found out that they stay in a joint family and everyone in the family was involved in deciding for the baby. She made them understand the importance of the procedure and shared the success stories from the past. Counselor’s determination and love for the baby had a positive impact on the entire family and they agreed on visiting the clinic to resume the treatment.
Baby Thakor will be visiting us soon and what makes us very happy is that we’ve brought him one step closer to healing.

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