Name : Navya Yadav,
DOB: 08.09.2016
Enrolled as on : 12.01.2017
ICR : CCW00283641

Navya Yadav was born on 08.09.2016 in AzamGarh. Her parent were very happy for having a daughter because she was their first child. Soon their happiness was turned into sorrow when they noticed that their daughter was not having normal legs. She was a Clubfoot child. They took her to the village priest and tried everything whatever was told by him. But no result came out of these activities. Mother Ranjana and father Vinod Yadav were very sad about their daughter’s future.
One day Navya’s aunt came to her house who is living in Delhi and She told them about CIIT. They contacted CIIT JanakPuri from CIIT they came to know about Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalya Shastri Park near to her Aunt’s house and the Clubfoot clinic running there. She invited them to Delhi for the treatment of Navya.
Both parent brought Navya to Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalya Shastri Park and was registered on 12.01.2017 under the treatment of Dr. Anil Aggarwal. Navya’s parent followed the instructions and soon she was with braces.
Her parent went back to their home in Ajam Garh and they are coming from there now for the follow up visits. They are happy to see her normal Legs and thankful to CIIT and Dr. Anil Aggarwal for this healing.

by :
Savita Solomon
DPC Delhi
+91 8800020484

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