50, 000 children in India are diagnosed with Clubfoot every year.

Clubfoot is a leading cause of physical disability worldwide.
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We have established Clubfoot clinics in every state in partnership with their respective State Governments.


We conduct trainings at 3 levels- doctors, in-house counsellors and parents. We train doctors in Indian Medical Colleges to use a non-surgical method called the Ponseti method to treat clubfoot. The Ponseti method is a manipulative technique that corrects congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery. 

Simultaneously, we train counsellors to assist parents of children with clubfoot about procedures and medications. These counsellors are placed in hospitals and then educate parents about Clubfoot.


We treat clubfoot by providing free foot braces called Ponseti braces, at our weekly designated clinics.  These braces are created in-house by persons with disabilities. This ensures that our entire programme model is inclusive and based on providing equal opportunities.

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Since 2009, we have grown to reach children with clubfoot and their families across all 29 states of India.


Clubfoot clinics established in India


Doctors trained


Children with clubfoot treated

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Shweta’s Success Story

Shweta’s Success Story

This is the story of Shweta who was born on 31 st Oct, 2010 as the second child in the family, it was a very special and happy occasion for the entire family, but it brought a sad note when they all saw Shweta with deformity in her legs (Clubfoot), the fear of seeing...

Tanzim’s Success Story

Tanzim’s Success Story

Enrolled on 04.02.2016 ICR no. CCW00153421  When Tanzim was born on 06.11.2014,in Mujjarfurnagr, no one knows what happened to her legs ? As per some ritual her father was away from her for three months. After three months her father Md. Muqeem came to take her to his...

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