Yash was born with a bilateral clubfoot deformity in a family  where his mother was forced to work beyond her means .   His father’s alcoholic habits had made life even more difficult for the mother.  . She was frightened to  death because when Yash was born to the family, her relatives and the community members told her that the child would l be an abnormal child his entire  life. She hadn’t  seen or heard about such a condition   of twisted feet.. Against all odds she decided to bring him to Delhi when he was 10 months old and locally stretched the foot and with the hope to of  alternative treatment in the capital through the help of a relative. Even during this phase her husband told her he would  not help and never would call her back home (in some places in our Indian culture if the Husband does not come to pick or call back she cannot  go back to the in-laws house).

The treatment phase was such a tense, tedious and long journey for her as she was alone without the support of her family and her husband. Through some contacts she learned about CURE’s free treatment in Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya. She then met the CURE counselor who briefed  her about the entire treatment process and since she was not financially stable and seeing other children with the same deformity getting treated came as  a big relief for her. Since then she has been  religiously bringing the child to the clinic.

Yash is on a Foot Abduction Brace for the past 3 years. Because of her commitment to see her child walk and run like any other normal child, she fought the battle alone. She says, it is all because of the support and encouragement extended by CURE that she could come  this far. As a result of her hard work today her husband appreciates her, she is back at the in-laws house and her husband accompanies her to the clinic at times. Yash is now a 3 and a half year old boy walking  normally and within no time he will go to school. The mother’s effort  paid off well.

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