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Successful end of Sonu’s Clubfoot Treatment

Sonu was the first child of Sukhveer and Sarita born with clubfoot deformity. Having not heard and not seen such deformity, the parents were extremely tensed. Sonu’s father Sukhveer was a daily wage earner and couldn’t afford an expensive treatment for his son, this made them even more discouraged. One

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One Step Closer

Treating Clubfoot is simple, however due to some external factors like community, illiteracy and various belief patterns, it sometimes gets difficult to convince parents to follow the entire treatment procedure. Such families immediately become our priorities, and we love to bring them closer to healing with effective counselling and education,

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Little Siddhu

Little Siddu was born with Unilateral (left) clubfoot. Being the only child of his parents he was treated in a private clinic where they had to shell out around 2000 Rs for his treatment. Seeing the dismal condition of treatment of other children at the clinic with the same predicament,

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