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Leadership lessons from the leaders themselves Leadership is about change, hope, and the future. Leaders have to venture into unchartered territory, so they must be able to handle intellectual solitude and ambiguity. Humility in success and courage in failure are hallmarks of a good leader – CK Prahalad, The Responsible

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The Book : Clubfoot Simplified

About the Book Dispelling Myths and Misunderstanding around Clubfoot and its treatment Fight against polio is successfully concluded in India and many countries across the world. The battle against eradication of disability from clubfoot is just begun and we will win only if compulsory and complete treatment is given to

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Progress in Success

YashLodhi is five month old son of Shivraj Singh Lodhi and RachanaLodhi. With his birth, his parents were absolutely dumbfounded seeing the condition of their child’s feet. The nurse and doctors of the hospital where he was born explained to the worried parents that this deformity could be treated. They

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Bonding Back

How a visit to the clubfoot children brought a family together. Jigyanshu was born in September 2016. With his birth the parents believed disaster struck them as he was born with clubfoot. They began assigning blame to one another considering the child’s condition. His father believed this to be a

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