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Progress in Success

YashLodhi is five month old son of Shivraj Singh Lodhi and RachanaLodhi. With his birth, his parents were absolutely dumbfounded seeing the condition of their child’s feet. The nurse and doctors of the hospital where he was born explained to the worried parents that this deformity could be treated. They

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Bonding Back

How a visit to the clubfoot children brought a family together. Jigyanshu was born in September 2016. With his birth the parents believed disaster struck them as he was born with clubfoot. They began assigning blame to one another considering the child’s condition. His father believed this to be a

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Little Pratap

Being the second child to his parents, they were extremely thrilled at the time of his birth. It was a matter of time before they discovered that he was born with unilateral right clubfoot. The family members blamed the mother for the child’s predicament. Nevertheless, the resolute mother decided not

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Happy Time

ASHA workers receive continuous training from the government, which enables them to recognise a host of health issues. Evidently, ASHA workers play a very important role not only in ensuring that people get the treatment the need as early as possible, but also in changing the rural mindset when it

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Awareness in Haryana

Our Haryana Counselor Somy Harshan had a meeting with the Medical Officer at Public Health Centre Tigaon, Faridabad and created awareness about the issue of Clubfoot. The authorities have promised to send referrals to the BK Civil Hospital, Faridabad. The meeting and awareness among the people had inspired them to

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North East India Team Training Program

The training program for the North East India team lasted four days where the counselors from all over the north east India had gathered at Shillong. Felicitated and conducted by Dr. Santosh George, CURE India Director and Atula Jamir, National Program Manager, CURE India, the team was taught about the

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Staff Training for Gujarat

The sessions for the team began at 9am or earlier every day. The days were filled with visits to the clinic. The FAB centre nearby was an eye opener for the team members. Many of them making shoes for the clubfoot kids had some form of deformity themselves. It was

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Staff Training for Odisha Team

The program for the training of Odisha team started from 28th august-2nd Sep 2017 in which the team was given advance learning for the treatment and knowledge about clubfoot. Three things which they learned importantly for the profession implies Professional competencies, Socially relevant and Spiritually vibrant. The staff was also

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Medical Training , Rajasthan

CURE International Indiain partnership with State Government of Rajasthan and SMS Hospital, Jaipur organized the 4th refreshers training on the Ponsenti method for Clubfoot management program on the 31st of August 2017 at the JAM Hall SMS Hospital, Jaipur. 64 delegates were present for the training. The first half of

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