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One Step Closer

Treating Clubfoot is simple, however due to some external factors like community, illiteracy and various belief patterns, it sometimes gets difficult to convince parents to follow the entire treatment procedure. Such families immediately become our priorities, and we love to bring them closer to healing with effective counselling and education,

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Little Siddhu

Little Siddu was born with Unilateral (left) clubfoot. Being the only child of his parents he was treated in a private clinic where they had to shell out around 2000 Rs for his treatment. Seeing the dismal condition of treatment of other children at the clinic with the same predicament,

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A Journey

A journey worth embarking Manu was born in December 2013 and as he was born his parents were devastated to see his clubfoot condition. They hail from a poor background and were wondering if at all it could be treated and the cost that came with it. The Childs aunt

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Abhineesh’s Story

On the 28th of January 2017 Abhineesh Came with his father and grandfather at the Shyam Shah Medical college, Rewa. Referred from his relative who is himself a clubfoot patient, he explained to them how the treatment was relatively easy and a stress free one and recommended the hospital for

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Progress in Success

YashLodhi is five month old son of Shivraj Singh Lodhi and RachanaLodhi. With his birth, his parents were absolutely dumbfounded seeing the condition of their child’s feet. The nurse and doctors of the hospital where he was born explained to the worried parents that this deformity could be treated. They

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Bonding Back

How a visit to the clubfoot children brought a family together. Jigyanshu was born in September 2016. With his birth the parents believed disaster struck them as he was born with clubfoot. They began assigning blame to one another considering the child’s condition. His father believed this to be a

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Little Pratap

Being the second child to his parents, they were extremely thrilled at the time of his birth. It was a matter of time before they discovered that he was born with unilateral right clubfoot. The family members blamed the mother for the child’s predicament. Nevertheless, the resolute mother decided not

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Happy Time

ASHA workers receive continuous training from the government, which enables them to recognise a host of health issues. Evidently, ASHA workers play a very important role not only in ensuring that people get the treatment the need as early as possible, but also in changing the rural mindset when it

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