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Story of a Vanshika (Child)

Vanshika was born of unilateral clubfoot and at the age of 9 still not treated. She hails from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In the apartment where Vanshika lived there was another clubfoot child named Hardik who was her close door neighbor. Hardik had been treated by CURE India and now he was

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The Child with bilateral Ectrodactyly

The C.T.E.V Clinic I have on Mondays is extremely busy, not just because of the number of Clubfoot children, but also because it is the first day of the week, and the clinic is situated right at the centre of the Orthopaedic Consultation room for Women and Children. It is

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Making a difference

Tamjeed was born on the 30th of December, 2015.   Since Tamjeed was the second child to his  parents his birth was looked forward with much anticipation. His father Tariq Ahmed celebrated his son’s advent by distributing sweets in the hospital. Soon his joy turned into thin air  when he discovered

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Father’s Pride

Pooja was a blessing born to her parents Ramesh and Mahesweta in November, 2015. The parents were happy to have her but unfortunately the child was born with a unilaternal clubfoot (right leg). Ramesh further was  humiliated by society due to his short stature. From the time the mother conceived,

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Clubfoot – A history for Mohit

Mohit was born with clubfoot. His parents Sunita and Charan took him to a private hospital days after he was born. They were told that casting would be expensive and there were no guarantees it would actually work. One medical bill can mean a lifetime of debt for the family.

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Disseminating Immense Happiness

Mohammed Ayonis, the 3rd  son of the family  was diagnosed with clubfoot during the prenatal exam.  His parents came to know about the CURE Clubfoot Clinic through a patient who completed treatment in the clinic sometime earlier. They came for treatment when the baby was barely a month old.  Mohammed’s father

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CURE is a lighthouse to our family – Rabi

Alok is the second son of Rabi Narayan and Susama. In 2014 his parents were  excited to welcome him into their family  but seeing his with deformed foot they were shattered. He was born with unilateral (right) clubfeet.  For a year Alok was left untreated until someone from Sishu Bhavan

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