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What is the process to enroll children in the clubfoot program?

Children affected with clubfoot can be brought to any of our clubfoot clinic and the rest of the procedure will be taken care by the volunteers.

In which places you have your clinics?

Clubfoot Clinics are set up at 190 government hospitals and medical colleges across 27 states in India.

How to know which is our nearest clinic?

To know your nearest clinic, you can call in our helpline number and our toll free number given in the website.

Is it treatment very expensive?

The treatment is provided at the government hospitals and medical colleges free of cost.


I want to volunteer with you, how to enroll for it?

If any individual wants to volunteer, he/she has to write to the HR regarding the same.

What is the role of the volunteers?

The volunteer can contribute in any of our programs like volunteer in clubfoot clinics, be a part of FAB production team, help in raising funds for the organization etc.


How is the donation amount utilized?

The donated money is utilized in sponsoring a child to get the clubfoot treatment. Though the treatment is free of cost but it is utilized for getting FAB for children which they have to wear for five years. The cost for producing one FAB is Rs 1000-1,200, which the children get free of cost irrespective of the number of times they exchange it.

What are the different purpose of donation?

Donation can be made for children to get the treatment, to get FAB, to adopt a child for his/her entire treatment, making gifts to children on special occasions etc.

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